Bernie Rieder creates new charitable rillette with Hink

Star chef Bernie Rieder has teamed up with Austrian paté makers Hink to create a charitable rillette. With the support of the organisers of charity ball "Dancer against Cancer", the chef has created a trout, salmon and pumpkin rillettes intended to hit the shelves soon.

Peter Spak from Hink, also an official partner of "Dancer against Cancer", has collaborated with Bernie Rieder to make the new treat for Hink with one Euro from each jar going to the cancer charity.

Traditionally, a rillette is a way of preparing meat, similar to pate, when the meat is cooked slowly, shredded and preserved in fat. This is then served on toast.

In order to produce the new Hink speciality, high-quality Austrian salmon and trout fillets are steamed with limes, worked on and taken apart by hand and refined with sweet and sour pumpkin compote. Contained within the punchy compote are caramelised sugar, fresh apple juice and cider vinegar. The fish is then in turn mixed with Muscat, cinnamon, chilli, garlic and lemon grass.

"Our aim was to develop the best gourmet spread in Austria," said Berine Rieder. Head of Hink, Peter Spak however would rather, it seems, it were known as a rillette! The product is recommended to be enjoyed with fresh bread and a light glass of Riesling wine.
The charity product is currently being produced as limited edition merchandise with 4,000 jars intended to be sold. Depending on the success of the Rieder /Hink rillete however Spak may well decide to make it a permanent feature on the Hink menu.

The rillettes will appear on shelves in Merkur and in other selected stores for 12.90 Euros. It will also feature at the "Dancer against Cancer" ball on 14 April in the Vienna Hofburg. The net proceeds of the ball event go towards projects by Austrian Cancer Aid.

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