Bernie Rieder Photographed by: Kurt Michael Westermann


Food has much more to it than meets the eye. Hidden in a plate is a taste of culture and a glimpse of a country's identity shown through the use of ingredients as the seasons change. How products are being used, and put together says something about their creator’s beliefs and ideals. I am not a saviour. I am not a doctor who saves lives. I just put life on a plate.

Welcome to Austria‘s 1st English Restaurant Guide,

please be our guest, come along & taste the difference!

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What we like!

  • Bernie‘s "Ice Coffee“

    This dessert is a creation based on vanilla ice cream.   For the Nougat-mousse: 150 g Nougat 5 egg yolks 80 g sugar…

  • Granny‘s caramelised "Krautfleckerl"

    Ingredients for 4 persons: 240g Fleckerl (tiny squares of pasta) or butterfly pasta 600g white cabbage 8 table spoons of oil or lard 250g peeled and finely chopped on…

  • Bernie's Waldorf Salad

    Classic Waldorf salad Bernie‘s style with celery, green apples and walnuts.   This is what you need: Ingredients for 4 persons 40g grated almonds 1 chilly 125g…

Latest News

New furniture at Viennas Museumsquartier

AT Restaurant GuideNew furniture has been put out ready for the summer at the Museums Quarter (Museumsquartier, MQ) in Vienna. More...

Niemetz takeover deal sealed

AT Restaurant GuideThe Romanian Meinl subsidiary Heidi Chocolat will take over the insolvent Viennese Schwedenbomben manufacturer Niemetz. More...

Parish offers gluten-free wafers

AT Restaurant GuideThose who are not affected can hardly believe that even a thin wafer made of wheat flour can cause big troubles for people affected by a food allergy or celiac disease. More...