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Welcome to the feedback section of the Austrian Times newspaper.

Please feel free to leave comments on articles, write letters to the editor or ask other members of the Austrian Times community for their feedback on anything from looking for accommodation to general news about the community.

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  • Eugen Adelsmayr wrote on 24. 04. 2013 from Austria about "Wrongly accused Austrian ..."

    I may correct the title of my book which is "Dubai LowDown" avilable as eBook on Amazon.


  • Ken Cameron wrote on 22. 04. 2013 from Vienna about "Fire alarms now compulsor..."

    CO detectors are just as vital as smoke detectors. Carbon monoxide can be released by a faulty boiler and it can kill a sleeping person within 3 hours. Smoke detectors offer no protection from CO.


  • Max wrote on 04. 04. 2013 from USA about "Iraq veteran faces new li..."

    Waterpipe cafes are forbidden in Morocco. They usually are a place where underage girls are sexually abused and where illicit substance is used. Water pipes have also been found to transmit and spread tuberculosis. Having said that, I don't doubt that there is extortion and corruption in the Moroccan police and even the judiciary system. A clear distinction is to be made by whoever is trying to solve this problem.


  • Rafael wrote on 02. 04. 2013 from Brazil about "Lego backs down over Jabb..."

    But Hagia Sophia was originally a church before being a mosque! Today it is neither a mosque nor a church, but a national museum! Should the christian community also complain about the Lego set? Also, I don't they complain to Lucasfilm that created the building and characters in the first place? Should they take the Star Wars movies out of the market as well?


  • anne wrote on 01. 11. 2012 from canada about "Tusk Forced..."

    Why is this zoo not making arrangements to find a sanctuary where Tania can live the rest of her life in some happiness. what a horrid life she now lives. She deserves to be with other elephants. This is cruel. Of course, she doesn't want to play with humans!!!


    • Vlad Craioveanu wrote on 10. 11. 2012 from Romani about "Tusk Forced..."

      They REFUSE to release her! They insulted animal rights activists and threatens them with violence, in retaliation for making this public!


  • Alma Hartley wrote on 04. 11. 2012 from Calgary Alberta Canada about "Krampus and Nikolaus to v..."

    twenty two years ago I had experienced my first Krampus celebration. It was amazing and very memorable. I recommend all to experience this tradition. Not only this but the Spiritual Christmas events in Europe which are amazing. This is where you get the true meaning of Christmas and receive a spiritual feeling of Christ flowing through your body and into your heart.We in North America have lost sight of this spiritual feeling and have dwelled on material things. Our Children in North America are spoiled and need to visit Germany and Austria or other European Countries to experiece this old tradition of Christmas. I have only fond memories of my time in Salzburg during these festivities. What fun the Christmas markets are breath taking and very beautiful.


  • Gundosmkq wrote on 01. 11. 2012 from Aboutsqshc about "Star Guest..."

    Aloha! lno


  • beats by dre solo hd wrote on 29. 10. 2012 from about "One killed three injured ..."

    Apple iphone World gives free information and facts, reviews in all products based on the Apple iPod, these add iPod Common, Touch, Nano along with Shuffle.


  • about longchamper wrote on 29. 10. 2012 from about "Body of missing lawyer fo..."

    Nice position, it's a great post. The advice is good to be familiar with!


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Latest News


How An Austrian Park Every Year Becomes A Lake
Spectacular images that show how a park becomes a lake each spring complete with underwater trees have been captured by two divers.

Mad About Mammoths At Vienna Museum
A unique exhibition in the Austrian capital Vienna has proved a massive hit after bringing together for the first time some of the most famous frozen woolly mammoth remains.

Controversy Over Advert For Fucking Hell Beer
An Austrian political party has defended a decision to promote a local beer named after the village of Fucking.

Luigi Restaurant Cooks Up Delicious Delights For Winter Season
Brothers Luigi and Leo Doci who own the renowned Luigi restaurant chain will be cooking up a storm in Semmering this winter.

Church Porn Star In Court
A Polish-born woman who made a video of herself masturbating in church is facing six months in jail after a viewer called police when he recognised the woman.

Hugh Grant Cuddles Lamb On Animal Farm With Mrs Glock
Hugh Grant led a star-studded turnout at Austria's animal farm project which unveiled its Christmas market this week.

Cheating Wife Buries Hubby Alive For New Lover
A woman who married her sisterís fiance and then attacked him with a knife before burying him alive so she could be with her new lover is facing life in jail.

Spate of Crimes throughout Vienna and Lower Austria Solved
Four men have been arrested after committing 113 break-ins, 21 thefts and causing at least 260,000 Euros worth of damage.

Dad Punished Child, 2, With Boiling Hot Shower
A two-year-old girl is in an artificial coma and fighting for her life after her father threw her into a scalding hot shower leaving her with severe burns at the family home in the Austrian capital Vienna.

Police And Firemen Get Cold Turkey
Flipping the bird was given a new meaning in Austria this week when a truck filled with plucked turkeys overturned, closing a busy motorway in the process.


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