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Don't Moan Alone - The Ombudsman

Send a complaint to the newsroom here.

The Ombudsman investigates - IVECO Austria GesmbH

One of the Iveco trucks (file pic) One of the world's largest truck makers who 'lost' an Austrian customer's 8,000 Euro deposit when it was pocketed by a crooked salesman was offered truck parts as compensation - for vehicles that hadn't been delivered.


The Ombudsman investigates -

A 62-year-old Austrian Times reader has raised the alarm over a German-based company selling catalogues for forcedly sold real estate that left him with a monthly subscription he says he never wanted. A 62-year-old Austrian Times reader has raised the alarm over a German-based company selling catalogues for forcedly sold real estate that left him with a monthly subscription he says he never wanted.


The Ombudsman investigates - Megadrive Autovermietung GmbH.

The Ombudsman investigates - Megadrive Autovermietung GmbH. Brian Harden sent us a mail about an experience he had had with Megadrive Autovermietung GmbH, an Austrian car rental agency.


Austrian PoliceMartin MillerI was stopped for speeding after overtaking car on a dual carriageway section of road in lower Austria and the two officers using a mobile radar device demanded that I pay €70. As I didn\'t have any money on me they wanted me to drive to a nearby village to take the money out from the ATM device. It didn\'t seem to me that this sort of summary justice and instant fine was fair and I refused so they took down my details and then let me go on after saying the fine would be in the post. But when the final invoice turned up it was €140 – twice what the original fine was. Is it legal for them to double what they originally said they were going to charge me in this way? I don\'t have any paperwork proving that the original fee was €70 but there were witnesses?
Daten Info Services Eibl GmbHR. CIn February 2012, I telephoned Daten Info Service Eibl to order one edition of its \\\"Immobilien Versteigerungskatalog\\\". I was required to give my bank account details. Euro 19.80 was, then, deducted from my account, and I received the catalogue that I had requested. I received no letter of acknowledgement nor a copy of the firm\\\'s business conditions or any request for my agreement to them. In March and April 2012, I, then, received the next two editions of the catalogue, and Euro 19.80 was deducted in favour of Daten Info Service Eibl from my bank account in both months. When I became aware of the deductions, I sent an e-mail to on 23 April 2012 to request cancellation of my so-called subsciption effective immediately. I, then, received a letter from Daten Info Service Eibl, dated 25 April 2012, stating that it would only cancel my so-called subscription as of 11 November 2012. My understanding when ordering the edition in February 2012, was that it was for one edition only. It seems unreasonable that Daten Info Service cannot cancel my so-called subscription with immediate effect, especially when I did not receive any terms of business regarding sales of its catalogue. Any help that you can offer in terminating what amounts to a rent-seeking arrangement would be much appreciated. Since my e-mail to the firm, I have twice telephoned its Customer Service (01/5854353) to discuss the matter, but the representaitve seems to have no decision-making authority and is very difficult to reach. When I last spoke with him, on 2 May 2012, he took my telephone number and said that he would have a colleague from the firm\\\'s bookkeeping department telephone me. I have yet to receive the call bck.
Megadrive (buchbinder)Brian HardenAfter renting a car from Megadrive Austria, a small stone chip was found that apparently didnt exist previously. It was very small and may or may not have existed previously. I was charged the full excess amount of €460, regardless of the actual amount of damage (the attendant took the money from the credit card without viewing the photos). I now know what other customers were complaining about when I picked up previous rentals. How can it be legal to charge such a high amount, regardless of the real damage costs? It seems to me this is a scam to make money from tourists.
Austrian PoliceJim HaggertyOn a recent visit to Vienna my daughter and her friends were apparently \"shaken down\" by the police. They are students at Georgetown University studying for the semester at the University College of London. While in Vienna they wanted to ride the subway. They could not figure out how or where to pay. So they simply got on and rode. When they returned they were confronted by two policemen. They explained their situation and offered to pay. They were told that they each must pay 70 euro or go to jail. They explained that they did not have that much money. The officers then told them to turn over all the mopney they had and to leave. I assume that the officers merely kept the money. Not a particulaly nice way to treat visitors. Why not tell the police to represent their City better. By the way, my daughter did tell me that the City is otherwise beautiful.
McDonaldsVeronica DötzlDuring the last four trips I have made to the McDonalds on Hadikgasse they have had either no toys for the children\'s menu or a selection of toy\'s from a previous offering. On the last trip they didn\'t have any at all on offer - and gave me an apple pie instead. It\'s never happened to me in the US or the UK branches of McDonalds.
ÖBBEvelyne RanharterI have complaints versus OEBB. Their ticket machines are not clear and in german only so that persons not understanding everything in german cannot use them without making mistakes. A friend therefore took a ticket that was not valid on the day he used it and therefore had to pay a fine of EUR 65. When I asked OEBB, they sent me a standard letter and additional 3.500 spam mails. Now I wrote to some people personally at OEBB but I am being ignored. I don\\\'t think this reflects positively on OEBB. Also, I am just told he had no valid ticket. But he was unaware of this. So I want some understanding, people speaking English, the ticket machines in different languages and the reimbursement of the EUR 65.
PostEric PriceThw Post office 1173 is closing at the end of September 2011, yet the replacement is miles away and at a bank with even shorter opening hours. Yet, the current Post office is NOT loosing money and there are plenty of vacant shops in the area of Dornback/Neuwaldegg. The area has plenty of residents, who are complaining, including pensioners without a car. Also, the current office has a place to park and yet the new one not, which is also a few yards away from the main Post Office. It looks like a SPÖ conspiracy so that the American owner of both increases it\'s profits and no consideration for the social issues. A disgrace.
BillaMarkusThe small Billa-store in Stättermayergasse, in Vienna's 15th district is nice and clean … but the employees smoke in a small room right next to the entrance so whenever you enter or leave the store you can take a deep breath of lovely cigarette-smoke.

Latest News


How An Austrian Park Every Year Becomes A Lake
Spectacular images that show how a park becomes a lake each spring complete with underwater trees have been captured by two divers.

Mad About Mammoths At Vienna Museum
A unique exhibition in the Austrian capital Vienna has proved a massive hit after bringing together for the first time some of the most famous frozen woolly mammoth remains.

Controversy Over Advert For Fucking Hell Beer
An Austrian political party has defended a decision to promote a local beer named after the village of Fucking.

Luigi Restaurant Cooks Up Delicious Delights For Winter Season
Brothers Luigi and Leo Doci who own the renowned Luigi restaurant chain will be cooking up a storm in Semmering this winter.

Church Porn Star In Court
A Polish-born woman who made a video of herself masturbating in church is facing six months in jail after a viewer called police when he recognised the woman.

Hugh Grant Cuddles Lamb On Animal Farm With Mrs Glock
Hugh Grant led a star-studded turnout at Austria's animal farm project which unveiled its Christmas market this week.

Cheating Wife Buries Hubby Alive For New Lover
A woman who married her sister’s fiance and then attacked him with a knife before burying him alive so she could be with her new lover is facing life in jail.

Spate of Crimes throughout Vienna and Lower Austria Solved
Four men have been arrested after committing 113 break-ins, 21 thefts and causing at least 260,000 Euros worth of damage.

Dad Punished Child, 2, With Boiling Hot Shower
A two-year-old girl is in an artificial coma and fighting for her life after her father threw her into a scalding hot shower leaving her with severe burns at the family home in the Austrian capital Vienna.

Police And Firemen Get Cold Turkey
Flipping the bird was given a new meaning in Austria this week when a truck filled with plucked turkeys overturned, closing a busy motorway in the process.


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